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Coolville, OH

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  • Scott Bauerbach
  • Bill & Mary Hughes
  • House in prayer
  • Pastor Joe, son John, John's wife Kathy at Cornerstone Church, Cleveland, TX.
  • Doris Muth
  • Pastor Joe & John Enoch
  • Pastor Joe praying for Prophet Harry Wingler
  • Hannah praying
  • Nate Arnold
  • Carolyn Beasley
  • Kim Arnold
  • Jim & Vicki
  • Pastor Joe & Carolyn Beasley
  • Sharon Tucker during Youth Advance 2011
  • Melissa Arnold during Youth Advance 2011
  • Jake, Jay and Sam
  • Pastor Joe & Carolyn Beasley
  • Kids of faith praying for pastor Charles & Pastor Joe
  • Sharon Tucker
  • Greg Parker (lost in the presence of the sweet Holy Ghost
  • Tanowa McGrath meditating on Jesus
  • Joe Beasley 25 years ago
  • Dallas Freeland
  • Jacob Parker
  • Harry Wingler, ministering to Jean Stout
  • Jim Cecil & grand-daughters during a service
  • Pastor Joe preaching the Word!
  • Gavin - Praising God!
  • Pastor Charles Hall
  • Pastor Wonda Hall singing
  • Jacob Parker, ministering
  • Jay & his dad, John
  • Rev. Gilbert Spencer & Pastor Joe
  • Tanowa leading in prayer & Pastor
  • Jean Stout
  • Prophet Harry Wingler
  • Jeff Parker & Jean Stout
  • Pastor Joe (some years ago) with daughters Cindy & Pam & son John
  • Picture taken during a service
  • Picture taken during a service
  • Dallas & Renea Freeland
  • Jamie - Giving a praise report
  • Jamie & Pastor
  • Dr. Bill Hughes
  • Marsha Sue Mitchell - ministering
  • Hannah Helgesen
  • Roger Marcum
  • Let's praise God!
  • Come on!
  • Come on, keep it up!
  • O.K. I'll try.
  • Sharon & Ronnie communicating
  • Little Darlin
  • How do you do that?
  • Praise God! I am healed.
  • Rick Madison ministering to Lucy
  • Sam has a praise report
  • Rusty ministering
  • God is moving - PTL
  • Evangelist David Bentley
  • Pastor Joe teaching the Word
  • Kids Camp
  • God's up to something
  • David Bentley ministering
  • Jeff Parker ministering
  • Pastor praying for Rusty
  • Kids of faith praying for pastor
  • Kids praying for pastor again
  • Dr. Anita Williamson
  • Kenny Williamson
  • Kim Arnold - praying
  • Del Mar ministering to Jacob
  • Ron McGrath, control booth
  • When the Spirit is moving, what happens in the control booth?
  • Earl & Linda Faust
  • Evangelist Don Hoxworth
  • Sam Hudnell preaching
  • Kenny & Anita Williamson
  • George & Doris Muth
  • Jessica Parker
  • Bill & Mary Hughes
  • Doris Muth
  • Missionaries Keith & Maria Becker
  • Ministry
  • Church service
  • Rick & Paula Madison
  • Sam Hudnell
  • Jordan Parker
  • Rev. David Bentley & Pastor Joe
  • Rick Lawson & others
  • Pastor Joe, Rusty, Yvone & Pastor Carolyn
  • Jeff & Loretta Collier
  • We like to Praise Jesus
  • Carolyn Enoch
  • Tanowa McGrath
  • Greg Parker
  • Nate Arnold
  • Amber Bauerbach
  • Anna Parker
  • Jeff Collier
  • Sharon Tucker
  • Scott Meade
  • Kevin & Kattie
  • Don & Bev Hoxworth - Pastor Joe & Carolyn
  • In Praise
  • Del Mar & Charlotte Coward
  • Doris Muth, Paula & Rick Madison
  • A Faith Harvest Church Service
  • Jacob Parker
  • Bill & Mary Hughes
  • Melissa Arnold
  • Nate, Chris & Sam
  • Vicki & Jim Cecil & Yvone Lawson
  • Rusty Lawson
  • Taken during a service
  • Taken during a service
  • Jay Helgesen

                Faith Harvest Church          

Coolville, Ohio  45723

Mailing Address

                                 13224 Concord Church Rd.Glouster, Ohio 45732

You will find a warm welcome at Faith Harvest Church. People come and say, "I could feel the love there." Ministry for all age groups to include a Holy Spirit filled children's church. Our praise & worship team will bless you so much you will want to come back again and again. Anointed preaching & teaching from God's word. A place where the gifts of the Holy Spirit are in action and where you have the liberty to worship the Lord God freely. You are welcomed here. Come be a blessing and receive a blessing!

 We minister to a large area to include but not limited to, Athens, Meigs, and Washington Ohio counties; as well as the Parkersburg, West Virginia area (18 miles away) and wood county West Virginia. Our purpose is to win souls to Jesus and give them teaching of how to live a victorious life over Satan and his evil ways, lead people through anointed preaching and teaching of the word of God into the deeper things of God and provide anointed, Holy Spirit filled evangelistic preachers and teachers for helping the body of Christ. We expect a great move of God in every service. We are not a dead church but we are alive because of Jesus!


Click on media above for free video's


We tape every service and place many of them on i - tv: There are many messages and teaching series free for your viewing and learning experience. These can be viewed or downloaded free of charge anywhere in the world. Click on media, click on name and then click on the title you desire to watch. Feel free to download, save for future study and or copy to DVD. You may give them away, but you cannot, without written permission, sale them. {Copy-right material with all rights reserved}.






Rick Madison & Friends
Christian Television Network (Dish Network Ch. 267 / Direct TV Ch. 376)
Sundays 6 A.M. & 9 P.M. EST. Check for other networks in your local area.
















Contact Us  
Faith Harvest Church
(Location Only - Not For Mail) 25777 Cemetery Rd.
Coolville, Ohio 45723
Phone: 740-667-6973
Fax: 740-667-9763
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Regular Schedule  
  • 10:00 AM
    Morning Worship
  • 10:00 AM
    Children's Church
  • 5:30 PM
    Youth Service
  • 7:00 PM
    Evening Service
  • 7:00 PM
    intercessory prayer
Richard Madison

Click on Evangelist Richard Madison  To go to His website. Rick Madison from Oakman, Alabama will be with us at Faith Harvest Church starting Sunday, April 26, 2015 and going through Wednesday, April 29, 2015. Sunday morning at 10 A.M. with all the night services starting at 7 P.M.. Brother Madison was killed in an automobile crash, brain dead for 27 days and called back through prayer. It is a super natural miracle. He has a weekly television program which is seen on various networks, and has been a guest on many other programs such as; "Its Super Natural", and the "700 Club" and others. We look for an outstanding move of the Holy Spirit, where souls come to Jesus, sick bodies are healed and many other miracles. We will be recording all five services to be used on his weekly T.V. program. "Rick Madison & Friends" is televised on Christian Television Network (CTN) on Sundays at 6 A.M. & 9 P.M. - Dish Network ch. 267 and Direct TV ch. 376.



Prophet Harry Wingler

Prophet Harry Wingler will be with us for ministry at Faith Harvest Church, Sunday, May 17, 2015 through May 20, 2015. Sunday morning service at 10 A.M. and all night services at 7 P.M.  Brother Wingler is an anointed man of God who is used in the gifts of the Spirit in a mighty way. We are always glad to have him back to minister the Word of the Lord. I have known this man of God for more than 30 years and have known him to be a faithful servant of God, and a true prophet in these last days. He will have a fresh word from God for us. Come expecting to be saved, healed, delivered and revived. Jesus is Lord!
Watch A Video "Rejoice & Be Glad"